दो गज दूरी, मास्क है जरूरी - जब तक दवाई नहीं तब तक ढिलाई नहीं।

Department of Surgery


The general surgery department provides surgical care to patients in outpatient, inpatient and emergency departments. The Team consists of dedicated Doctors, skilled nurses   and paramedical staff. Top quality surgical care is given to the patients using latest technology.  

General surgical procedures include all minor and major cases with a vast range that includes. 

  •   Hernia Surgery
  •   Anal fissures, haemorrhoids and other anal procedures
  •   Gastro-intestinal tract surgeries including intestinal resection and anastomosis
  •    Breast surgeries for lumps and cancer
  •   Cysts, lipomas and other small and large subcutaneous swellings
  •   Circumcisions of newly born babies
  •   Emergency surgeries including injuries and lacerations repair, trauma, blunt and penetrating abdominal or thoracic injuries.
  •   Gall bladder and Appendix removal.


Facilities offered under this department are.

  • General Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Laser Surgery
  • Paediatric surgery


     Dr. R.K Singh

     Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Jha

     Dr. Ajit Kumar

     Dr. Sujit Kashyap


     OPD Time - 9 AM to 3 PM (Mon-Sat)